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The Elements Of Effective Website Design

Website design isn’t as complicated as it used to be. Thanks to reputable web designers such as Craig Tuttle Marketing in Rochester NY and innovative platforms, you don’t even have to worry about coding or all the other small details, because everything has been done for you. All you need to do is shop between the different themes, then choose the one you like the best. And if you don’t like it after a week, you can change it.

The Current State Of Website Design

The choice of website themes ranges between free and premium offers. Naturally, the latter will provide you with more options and possibilities, but don’t underestimate the free themes. If you are just starting out, cutting your teeth on a free theme can really help you build a little website design experience.

However, you will always be limited, whether you paid for the theme or you got it for free. More specifically, you are limited to the options allowed by the theme author. Make no mistake; even free themes can get you ranking at the top, but the challenge will be so much tougher, which brings us to the next point.

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The Dangers Of Blending In

While you probably tried your hardest to blend in at school, it’s not the tactic you want to use online. If you put on your logical thinking cap for a second, you’ll realize that free themes are used by thousands of other website owners. Now, there’s nothing wrong with blending in and having a site that looks exactly like a thousand others, but if you want your visitors to take you seriously, you’ll use a custom design for your site.

Building A Custom Site From Scratch

This is where the serious website owners come to play because it’s a job that requires professionals. Also, a custom website isn’t something you spend money on if you want to casually run a blog in your spare time.

A custom design is for website owners who are out to achieve something more than just getting a few visits. It’s for website owners who want to stand out from the crowd while establishing a comfortable environment. The navigation should be seamless and user-friendly, the loading speed will be quick, and the overall functionality is easy to fall in love with.

Another great thing about a custom design is the way it can be made to fit your ideas. For instance, building an e-commerce site with your specific branding in place. So, instead of you having to build your site around the limitations of a free theme, the site gets created around your ideas and needs.

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Website Design As Part Of Branding

Seeing as the internet has made it so easy for people to launch their own brands, even for amateur startups, it’s no surprise that branding has become somewhat of a mandatory focus.

This development has also brought more attention to the design of a website and how unique it is compared to others. Or more specifically, does the design support your brand?

SEO Considerate

Modern website design isn’t just about making the pages look good. It’s about improving the user experience and paying attention to things like search engine optimization. That’s right, modern designers will always keep practical things in mind while trying to be creative.

Another interesting fact to consider is that the design can keep users on a site for longer. And when users stay on a site for long periods of time, it significantly reduces the bounce rate for that site and gives it a boost in the right direction.

At this point in time, all website owners should be focusing on keeping visitors happy. Because that is when they will get on the good side of influential search engines like Google.

Freedom Of Expression

With a custom design headed by experienced professionals, you can truly embrace freedom of expression online. You can literally turn the site into exactly what you want it to be, and establish your goals to the globe.

But remember, even the best design in the world can’t save a bad idea. So, if you plan on making any promises to clients, make sure you can follow up on them, and utilize the power of a custom designed website.